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Grégory case: Murielle Bolle’s indictment and Jacob’s husband annulled

Ⓒ AFP/Archives – PATRICK HERTZOG – | Photo of Murielle Bolle in her garden in Granges-sur-Vologne (east) on June 21st, 2017

The indictment of Murielle Bolle and husband Jacob for the kidnapping of little Grégory 33 years ago, were canceled by the chamber of instruction in Dijon, we learned Wednesday from their lawyers.

The judicial controls which weighed on the three put under examination were simultaneously raised by the magistrates, indicated the lawyers after having taken note of the deliberation of the room.

“This is a very good victory for us: Murielle Bolle is innocent, her indictment falls, her judicial control also Murielle Bolle is free and innocent”, welcomed one of his advices, Mr. Christophe Ballorin, adding that “this is also the case for the Jacob spouses”.

The investigating chamber considered “that there was no serious and concordant evidence suggesting that she was able to participate in the offense with which she is charged,” Ballorin said.

“With another composition, the decision was quite different,” added the lawyer, recalling that the chamber of the instruction of Dijon is chaired since the end of 2017 by Dominique Brault, the former President Claire Barbier devoting henceforth exclusively to the investigation of the case.

“The Grégory affair is not over yet, and it is advisable that it not end until the culprit is known,” he continued.

In the fall of 1984, Murielle Bolle, then aged 15, had accused her brother-in-law Bernard Laroche, during a police custody, of having kidnapped Grégory, before retracting. The latter was incarcerated and released before being shot and killed by his cousin Jean-Marie Villemin, the father of the child, in 1985.

Three decades later, the prosecution suspected that the 48-year-old woman was involved in the kidnapping and claims that her retraction was due to family violence at the time – which she contests.

The two septuagenarians Jacqueline and Marcel Jacob were suspected of being the “crows” of the case, the cause of several anonymous letters well informed and also involved in the kidnapping and death of the boy as part of a “collective act”.

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