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Anti-capitalists will abstain and allow to form an independent government in Catalonia

Ⓒ AFP – Pau Barrena – | The Catalan deputy of Candidature of Popular Unity (CUP) Carles Riera happens next to the seat of the candidate of Junts per Catalonia to the presidency of the Generalitat, Quim Torra (d), the 12 of May of 2018 in the Parlament, in Barcelona

The anti-capitalist and secessionist party CUP decided on Sunday that its four deputies will abstain to allow the independence of Quim Torra to be inaugurated as Catalan president on Monday, bringing the end of the long political blockade in this Spanish region.

“Before a complex moment, marked by repression and the violation of political and civil rights by the Spanish State, the CUP will not block the formation of a new government, keeping its four abstentions” in the Catalan Parliament, said in a statement formation that consulted its militants this Sunday.

Torra, a 55-year-old editor proposed by the dismissed Catalan president Carles Puigdemont, could not be elected on Friday in a first investiture debate when he did not receive the backing of an absolute majority in the regional chamber (68 votes out of 135).

But in the second attempt on Monday will suffice a simple majority, so thanks to the abstention of the CUP the main pro-independence parties, with 66 votes, will be imposed on the rest of the forces in the chamber, which have 65 votes.

The election of Torra, an independentista of the hard wing and faithful to Puigdemont, should put an end to a political blockade in Catalonia, as well as to the intervention of its autonomy by the central government since the failed declaration of independence on October 27 last.

Despite having renewed a short majority in the elections on December 21, the independentists have so far been unable to invest a president, since the three people who proposed previously were blocked by the courts for their role in the secessionist intent.

One of them, Puigdemont, is in Germany waiting to know if he is extradited to Spain and the other two, in provisional prison.

Torra promised on Saturday to work “without rest” to build an independent republic of Spain, which outraged the opposition and the Spanish government,

In any case, the CUP, which has championed a strategy of rupture with Madrid, affirmed that it passes to the opposition before “the proposed government program of JxCat and ERC [the main independence lists], which does not advance in the construction of measures Republican or social “.

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