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Cannes is back in “The Big Blue”

Ⓒ AFP – Olivier MORIN – | Screening of the movie “The Big Blue” in Cannes, May 11, 2018

The stature of Jean Reno, the smile of Jean-Marc Barr, the oceanic music of Eric Serra … Cannes has worthily celebrated the 30th anniversary of the “Big Blue”, a film that the chilly welcome received at its release at the Festival did not stop him from becoming a cult for a whole generation.

This “Grand Bleu generation”, and her children, met Friday night, thirty years to the day after the presentation of the film, May 11, 1988, to review with a touch of nostalgia the adventures in apnea of ​​Jacques and Enzo.

At nightfall, more than a thousand people took possession of the deckchairs on the beach, facing the giant screen, when Eric Serra, in Paris, was giving a symphonic version of his compositions at a cinema. concert at the Seine musical.

For Elisabeth, 58, came with her husband Jacques, 60, it was “the twelfth time on the big screen, not counting the views at home”.

“Every time, it’s the same emotion, the same magic (…) It’s really great show, the music is magical, bewitching, I cry each time,” she says. AFP.

– “Unrealizable” –

“On her way out, I went to see him for six weeks in a row, we had never seen anything like it, I was training my girlfriends,” says Nathalie, 51, who started scuba diving. -marine thanks to the movie.

She coached her 13-year-old son, Louis, for this anniversary screening: “I loved it!”, He launches, his eyes sparkling, during the closing credits.

Yet, 30 years ago, the beginnings of the fim were difficult.

“Some of the critics murdered the film, I did not expect such a cold reception,” said former Cannes Film Festival president Gilles Jacob, told AFP.

During the gala evening in 1988, Luc Besson and his actors were however ovations, as reported in the dispatch of the time signed by the special envoy of AFP, Claude-Henri Laval.

But the story has retained only a few boos during the parallel press screening and especially the reviews published in the press.

“The big blues on the big blue”, “The sea to drink”, “This film lacks producer, screenwriter and even director”: “The Great Blue” will mark the divorce between Luc Besson and the critics.

– 12 million spectators –

“I’m 28 years old, I’ve only made three films, I’m a toddler in cinema, I’m learning my job, and I do not want critics, who are between 30 and 50 years old, to hit me like That’s not very nice, “the director pleaded on television.

But the public will comfort very widely: 9.2 million admissions in France, nearly 12 million in all with the foreign, not to mention hundreds of thousands of videocassettes and DVD.

An audience that will also hurry later to see the extended version of 50 minutes, despite the famous slogan blocking the posters: “Do not go, it lasts 3 hours!”.

“The public and young people especially have made its success,” continues Gilles Jacob. “I was not mistaken about its assets: a music planante, the vertigo of the deep sea, the revelation of new actors and the staggering staging of Besson …”

On the beach of Cannes, the CEO of Gaumont Nicolas Seydoux recalled what this film inspired by the snorkeler Jacques Mayol owed to the general public: “It is you, the public, who made the film (…) Les critics, those who, it seems, love the cinema did not understand the film. + The Big Blue + belongs to you, “he told the audience.

“Thanks to you,” he concluded, “the film has not aged, spectators, I love you!”

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