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Fades agreement for anti-system alliance with left in Italy

Ⓒ AFP/Archivos – Alberto PIZZOLI – | The leader of the Five Star Movement Luigi Di Maio, on the 5th of April 2018 in Rome

The possibility that the Democratic Party, of the center-left, and the anti-system formation Five Star Movement reach an agreement to try to form a government in Italy, vanished on Monday due to the opposition of important personalities of the two sectors.

Italy is politically blocked after the legislative elections of March 4, in which no formation or coalition obtained a sufficient majority in Parliament to govern, so everyone needs external support to lead the country.

The outgoing leader of the Democratic Party and former prime minister, Matteo Renzi, rejected on Sunday every alliance with the rebels of the 5-Star Movement and aggressively attacked its leader, Luigi Di Maio, which reduced the chances of reaching an agreement of government, before inclusive of the formal initiation of dialogue.

“Di Maio, Prime Minister, only he believes it,” Renzi said on Sunday night during a television program.

“The two Koreas are talking to each other, so why not the PD and the M5E? It’s good to meet, but not to vote for confidence in a government led by Di Maio, not that,” Renzi said.

The leader of the party that was five years in power, responsible for one of the biggest defeats suffered by the PD, which went from having more than 25% of the electorate in 2013 to about 19%, still has a lot of weight within the party .

Despite having resigned as general secretary of the PD after the electoral defeat in March, the majority of the senators and deputies elected belong to their internal current.

In front of the hard attack of Renzi, the answer of the young Luigi Di Maio, did not take long.

“The PD can not get rid of Renzi, even if he has reduced the game to its minimum expression, today we had the proof that Renzi and his huge ego are the ones who decide everything in that game,” Di Maio wrote on his Facebook account.

“I knew it was not going to be easy, but I never thought it was impossible” to form a government with the left, acknowledged Di Maio, who at the age of 31 claims the head of government after obtaining his formation for 32% of the vote.

On Thursday the direction of the PD will meet to decide whether to dialogue with the M5E, but the meeting is now almost a formality.

– Comes in June? –

Given the political paralysis, Di Maio invited the xenophobic leader of the Northern League and the right-wing coalition, Matteo Salvini, Monday to ask the president of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, to hold new elections in June.

“Let’s ask for the repetition of elections and make it like a second shift in June,” he said.

The possibility of forming a government of the M5E with the support of a part of the right coalition, ie the North League of Matteo Salvini, which also has an anti-system but clearly right-wing character, and without the ally Silvio Berlusconi, also failed.

“He preferred to be with Silvio Berlusconi (…) one who blocked this country for 20 years to defend his own economic interests,” Di Maio said.

Both Di Maio and Salvini are convinced they can repeat the feat of the elections on March 4, when the electorate awarded 37% of the votes for the right coalition and the M5E alone won a historic 32%.

But according to the deadlines set by the Constitution, calling new elections for June is very difficult and that solution is unlikely.

The last word has the president Mattarella, arbiter of the situation, who could designate an “institutional” government, that approves the budget and reforms the questioned electoral law, indicated for being the cause of the political paralysis of the country.

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