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Trump travels to challenging California to see wall prototypes with Mexico

Ⓒ AFP – SAUL LOEB – | The president of the United States, Donald Trump, speaks to the press in Washington before traveling to California, on March 23, 2018

After announcing a profound reform of his team, Donald Trump, traveled to this Tuesday to California, a state that opposes his immigration policy, to inspect the prototypes of the wall he wants to build on the border with Mexico.

The first visit as president of the United States to this Democratic stronghold on the west coast comes at a time of high tension between his republican government and the most populous state in the country, especially in immigration, environment and arms control.

The president is expected to arrive in San Diego in the afternoon, to go to the town of Otay Mesa, to the south, where the eight prototypes of the wall he wants to build on about 3,000 kilometers of the border with Mexico are exposed.

“The president is very attached to the security of our country and has the conviction that the wall is an important element of the latter,” said spokesman Sarah Sanders, prior to the departure from Washington.

Ⓒ AFP – Nicolas RAMALLO – | The prototypes for the Trump wall

The images of Trump before the eight prototypes will be loaded with symbolism, but nothing indicates that the “magnificent” wall – one of the main campaign promises – is close to being built.

More than a year after coming to power, Congress has not yet unlocked a dollar for the construction of this wall. Several Democrats reject this initiative, which they consider the sad symbol of a country that turns its back on its history by closing the door on immigrants.

In Congress, immigration talks are suspended.

Throughout the various meetings, the real estate mogul changed his opinion several times regarding the size, length and price of the wall, with figures that went from 4,000 to 20,000 million dollars.

In addition to observing the prototypes deployed at the site, the president will meet with the military at Miramar air base, and is expected to close the visit with a fundraising event in Beverly Hills for his re-election campaign in 2020.

– Expected with demonstrations –

Trump’s visit to California, where he barely got just over 30% of his votes during the presidential election, will be marked by protests.

On Monday, about 200 people protested in the center of San Diego to denounce the arrival of the president and in particular his policy against immigration in this border city with Mexico.

A demonstration is also planned in the San Ysidro church, from where the border can be seen.

The last time Trump traveled this state was to the city of San Jose during the spring of 2016, in full election campaign. This trip was marked by several clashes that took place outside of their meetings.

California Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown sent him an open letter on Monday unambiguously.

He reminded him that California represents the sixth economy in the world, and stressed that the prosperity of his state had not been built on the basis of “isolation, quite the opposite”, but thanks to the reception of “immigrants and innovators from the four corners of the planet. ”

“In California, we are more attached to the bridges than to the walls,” he said, while inviting him to visit the dozens of bridges, viaducts, that are being built to create the first high-speed rail line in the country.

Ⓒ AFP – Guillermo Arias – | The prototypes of the wall can be seen from the Mexican Tijuana as they stand behind the current barrier

Last week, the conflict between California and Trump deepened when the Justice Department sued the capital of California, Sacramento, for obstructing federal law enforcement by offering undocumented immigrants a sanctuary to evade arrest and deportation.

And this weekend, Trump made things worse by stating that “sanctuary jurisdictions are the best friends of the smugglers, gang members, drug traffickers, human traffickers, murderers and other violent offenders.”

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