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The Bolivian Breitfuss is entrusted to a Lutheran priest in the Games

Ⓒ AFP – Martin Bernetti – | The Bolivian skier Simon Breitfuss, who was born and raised in Austria and is nicknamed “Wolf”, has turned to the Lutheran pastor Joerg Walcher for a divine intervention in Pyeongchang

The Bolivian skier of Austrian origin Simon Breitfuss Kammerlander has had to overcome mountains to participate in the Olympic Games, but for his fortune, his circumstantial technician in Pyeongchang-2018 is a priest.

Breitfuss, who was born and raised in Austria and is nicknamed “Wolf”, has turned to Pastor Joerg Walcher for a divine intervention in Pyeongchang.

The unusual combination comes after his father and technician Rainer fell from a roof.

“Unfortunately, just before traveling to the Games with me, my father slipped while cleaning snow from the roof at home in Austria,” said Breitfuss Kammerlander, whose best result in the Games was 43rd out of 75 participants who finished the slalom giant.

“He fell from three meters to the ground and broke five ribs, so he could not come,” said the 25-year-old skier, who finished that race more than fourteen seconds behind the gold medalist, Austrian Marcel Hirscher.

“My father knew that life was going to be hard for me in the Games being alone, with no one to help me,” explained the skier.

Because of this, his father contacted Father Joerg.

“My father telephoned Joerg to see if he could help me,” said Breitfuss, who had to fight against the bureaucracy to obtain Bolivian citizenship in time, in order to represent his adopted country in the Games.

After answering affirmatively to the remote prayer of help to the skier, Walcher is very busy in Korea, taking care of Breitfuss and giving Masses for athletes.

– Confessions in Pyeongchang –

“Normally in the morning I am in church making confessions to athletes who need someone to trust,” said the Lutheran pastor.

“Now I am also part of the Bolivian delegation, going up the mountain early, doing career inspections, video analysis and supporting what I can,” he added.

“Simon also comes to my services in the church, so we help each other,” Walcher said.

Simon Breifuss divides his time between Bolivia and the European Alpine ski circuit, where he travels from one place to another in a caravan, which his father Rainer usually drives.

The adventure of the Bolivian skier in the Games includes a disqualification in the combined one after missing a call to inspect the slalom race.

But Simon relies on his spiritual coach for the last race, the slalom on Thursday, since Father Joerg has high-level contacts.

“Marcel Hirscher’s coach, Mike Pircher, was my snowboarding coach,” Walcher said.

“It’s not bad to have the advice of Mike, the technician of the best skier in the world,” concluded the Lutheran pastor.

Simon Breitfuss, with his 43rd place in the giant, was the best Latin American of the race and improved the 45th he had achieved in the Super-G and the 47th he signed in the Descent.

The skier, born in the Austrian Tyrol, after six years of paperwork with the Bolivian federation, obtained nationality in 2015.

With 17 years, being in La Paz, he was proposed to represent Bolivia.

Breitfuss visited Bolivia for the first time in 2000, accompanying his father, who was a ski instructor in Argentina.

The Bolivian has divine help in the Games and the advice of Hirscher’s technician. A lucky one

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