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Iran accuses Israel of “lies”, defends Syrian response

Ⓒ AFP – Jack GUEZ – | An expert examines the remains of a missile at Alonei Abba in northern Israel on February 10, 2018

Iran on Saturday accused Israel of “lies” and stressed Syria’s right to “self-defense”, in response to Israeli raids launched after Israel’s interception of a drone portrayed as Iranian.

“Allegations about flying over an Iranian drone are too ridiculous,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Ghassemi told AFP.

“To cover his crimes in the region, Israeli leaders resort to lies against other countries,” he added. “Syria has the right to self-defense” against Israel.

Iran is the sworn enemy of Israel and militarily supports the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad in the war that has ravaged since 2011 Syria, a neighboring country of the Jewish state.

Israel said it had conducted major airstrikes in Syria on Saturday morning, hitting Syrian but also “Iranian” military targets after intercepting a drone launched from Syria in the night and portrayed as Iranian.

This is the first time that the Israeli army has openly said it has targeted “Iranian” targets since the beginning of the 2011 war in Syria, where Israel has carried out in recent years numerous strikes against the Damascus regime or the Lebanese Hezbollah. .

Syrian anti-aircraft defense fired at Israeli planes.

An Israeli Air Force F-16 fighter plane crashed in Israel after being fired by Syrian Air Defense Forces, the Israeli army said, but it was unclear whether the aircraft had been hit. if it fell due to a technical or human failure.

“Iran has no military presence in Syria and has only sent military advisers to Syria at the request of the Syrian government,” Ghassemi said.

In a statement from their joint command, the Syrian regime’s allied forces – including Lebanon’s Hezbollah and Iran – denied any violation of Israeli airspace by a drone.

“What the Israeli enemy says, that the drone was aiming at him and entered the airspace of occupied Palestine, is nothing but lies,” they said, threatening Israel with “an implacable response” to ” any new aggression “.

According to the text, the Israeli strikes targeted a “unit of drones”, used “for the collection of information in the fight against terrorist organizations, in the first place Daesh”, an acronym in Arabic of the group Islamic State (EI ).

This violence is the most serious confrontation between Israeli and Iranian interests in Syria.

For its part, Lebanon denounced Saturday the Israeli strikes in neighboring Syria, and will send a letter to the UN Security Council to protest against “Israel’s use of Lebanese airspace to carry out its attacks against the Syria, “according to a statement from Foreign Affairs.

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