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The great disappeared in the world in 2017

Ⓒ AFP – Sabrina BLANCHARD – | The great disappeared in 2017

American musician Chuck Berry, former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, and British actor Roger Moore are among the world’s leading figures in 2017.


– 07: MARIO SOARES, 92, a key figure in Portuguese political life in the 20th century, one of the main architects of the advent of democracy in Portugal and its European integration.

– 08: AKBAR HACHEMI RAFSANDJANI, 82, former Iranian president, one of the key men of the Islamic Republic.

– 25: JOHN HURT, 77, a British actor with a thousand faces, including that of “Elephant Man”.


– 01: ETIENNE TSHISEKEDI, 84 years old, historical opponent in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). He dies in Brussels, in full political negotiation to allow a transition regime following the stay in power of President Joseph Kabila.

– 06: JOOST VAN DER WESTHUIZEN, 45 years old, considered as one of the best scrumsmen of all time, world champion with South Africa in 1995.

– 12: AL JARREAU, 76 years old, legendary American jazz singer awarded seven times by the Grammy Awards.


– 03: RAYMOND KOPA, 85, first legend of French football.

– 03: RENE PREVAL, 74, the only Haitian leader to have completed his two terms (1996-2001, 2006-2011).

– 18: CHUCK BERRY, 90 years old, singer and black American guitarist, considered as one of the founding fathers of rock, author of classics like “Maybellene” or “Johnny B. Goode”.

– 21: MARTIN MCGUINNESS, 66, former commander of the IRA became Sinn Féin figure and peace maker, Deputy Prime Minister of Northern Ireland from 2007 to 2017.


– 26: JONATHAN DEMME, 73, American director of “Philadelphia” and “Silence of the Lambs” (five Oscars in 1992).

– MAY –

– 23: ROGER MOORE, 89 years old, British actor, immortalized by the TV series “The Saint” and by seven James Bond 007.

– 29: MANUEL NORIEGA, 83 years old, agent of the CIA, strongman of Panama from 1983 to 1989, this general had then fallen in disgrace, overthrown by the United States then heavily condemned for drug trafficking and murders.

– JUNE –

– 16: HELMUT KOHL, 87, father of German reunification, pillar of European construction and holder of the longevity record at the Chancellery (1982-1998) in modern Germany.

– 30: SIMONE VEIL, 89 years old, great figure of the French political life, survivor of the Shoah, European and feminist convinced, carried the law legalizing the abortion in France in 1974.

– JULY –

– 05: PIERRE HENRY, 89 years old, French composer, father of electroacoustic music, composer of the “Mass for the present time”.

– 13: LIU XIABO, 61 years old, writer, university professor and human rights activist. First Chinese to win the Nobel Peace Prize (2010), sentenced in 2009 to 11 years in prison for subversion, he is released in June 2017 because of liver cancer.

– 31: JEANNE MOREAU, 89 years old, French actress having played in more than 130 films (The Lovers, Jules and Jim, Elevator for the scaffold), this figure of the New wave was also a singer.


– 20: JERRY LEWIS, 91, comedian, imitator and American actor.


– 03: JOHN ASHBERY, 90 years old, great American poet, author of avant-garde and experimental poems.

– 16: HARRY DEAN STANTON, 91 years old, an American actor with some 250 films, including “Paris, Texas”, which earned director Wim Wenders, the Palme d’Or at Cannes in 1984.

– 20: JAKE LAMOTTA, 95, legendary boxing champion who inspired the film “Raging Bull” by filmmaker Martin Scorsese.

– 21: LILIANE BETTENCOURT, 94, billionaire heiress of the founder of the L’Oréal cosmetics empire. The Frenchwoman was the richest woman in the world.

– 27: HUGH HEFNER, 91, founder of Playboy Magazine, pioneer of the mainstream erotic media.


– 24: FATS DOMINO, 89 years old, American pianist and singer, pioneer of rock’n’roll.


– 17: SALVATORE “TOTO” RIINA, 87, former godfather of the Sicilian mafia.

– 18: AZZEDINE ALAÏA, 77 years old, French-Tunisian couturier.

– 19: CHARLES MANSON, 83 years old, psychopathic guru at the origin of murders like that of the actress Sharon Tate, wife of the film-maker Roman Polanski, then aged 26 and pregnant of eight and a half months.


– 04: ALI ABDALLAH SALEH, 75, former Yemeni president (1978-2012), killed by Shiite Houthi rebels. After 33 years of rule, he was removed from power in the wake of the Arab Spring.

– 05: MICHEL DE ROUMANIE, 96 years old, former king, one of the last survivors among the heads of state of the Second World War.

– 06: JOHNNY HALLYDAY, 74, singer and actor, icon of French rock for more than half a century.

– 18: KIM JONG-HYUN, 27, South Korean pop star, popular in Asia and beyond. Boy band singer SHINee committed suicide in a hotel room in Seoul.

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