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Peru: more than 5,000 protesters against the grace granted to Fujimori

Ⓒ AFP – Juan Vita – | Peruvians protest against President Pedro Pablo
Kuczynski’s thanks to former president Alberto Fujimori on
December 25, 2017 in Lima

More than five thousand Peruvians demonstrated Monday night
in Lima, despite the Christmas holidays, to denounce the pardon
granted to former President Alberto Fujimori and demand the
resignation of the current head of state, whom they accuse of
have negotiated this measure politically.

“Outside, outside PPK!” (Acronym and nickname of President
Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, editor’s note), chanted the
demonstrators took to the streets at dusk after calls relayed
on the networks socaux.

Major police forces were deployed in the streets of the
Peruvian capital to prevent protesters from joining the clinic
where Alberto Fujimori was hospitalized Saturday for arrhythmia
and low blood pressure, and in front of which hundreds of his
supporters were massed to celebrate his release.

Ⓒ AFP – Martin BERNETTI – | Peruvians protest against President Pedro Pablo
Kuczynski’s thanks to former president Alberto Fujimori on
December 25, 2017 in Lima

According to his doctor, Dr. Alejandro Aguinaga, Alberto
Fujimori was still in the intensive care unit. He suffers from
“several degenerative pathologies such as atrial fibrillation,
it is a problem that is increasing in the heart,” he said.

President from 1990 to 2000, Mr. Fujimori, 79 years old and
of Japanese descent, had been serving a 25-year prison term
since 2007 for corruption and crimes against humanity for
having ordered the murder of 25 people in the hands of a
squadron of death during the war against guerrillas of the
Shining Path (far left Maoist).

Ⓒ AFP/Archives – Cris BOURONCLE – | Alberto Fujimori on October 25, 2013 in court in Ate,
16 km east of Lima

On Sunday, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski granted him a
“humanitarian” grace, when he pledged during his 2016 election
campaign not to release him.

According to recent polls, 65% of Peruvians were in favor of
an amnesty from the former head of state, a figure that still
unleashes passions in Peru.

– ‘Political game’ –

“Fujimori, murderer and thief, no to grace,” he wrote on one
of the many placards worn by protesters slowly walking behind a
huge Peruvian flag.

Ⓒ AFP – Juan Vita – | Peruvians protest against President Pedro Pablo
Kuczynski’s thanks to former president Alberto Fujimori on
December 25, 2017 in Lima

Relatives of the victims of the anti-terrorist policy led by
the latter joined the demonstration.

“Everything is part of a political game, health reasons
(invoked for the grâcier) are not clear, we are here with
relatives (victims) to denounce this illegal grace because it
does not match the seriousness of the crimes punished, “Gisella
Ortiz, a representative of a group of families, told

The executive secretary of the Inter-American Commission on
Human Rights, Paulo Abrao, also criticized on Twitter “a
political decision that ignores the proportion between amnesty
and the gravity of crimes against humanity”. “It’s an offense
to the victims, it’s not a reconciliation, it’s just impunity,”
he said.

Ⓒ AFP – Anella RETA – | Alberto Fujimori

“It is not possible to pardon these crimes, as international
law says,” said Carlos Rivera, a lawyer for victims of
Fujimori’s counter-terrorism policy.

President Kuczynski pardoned Alberto Fujimori on the basis
of a medical recommendation, three days after escaping an
impeachment vote in Parliament.

He was accused of lying about his links with Odebrecht, the
Brazilian construction giant who admitted having paid nearly $
5 million to consulting firms directly related to the then head
of state, minister, between 2004 and 2013 .

Opponents of “PPK” had launched an express removal procedure
that was to end last Thursday by a vote. Two-thirds of the vote
was needed to bring it down, or 87 out of 130. The request for
removal “for moral incapacity” was finally rejected, with only
79 votes in favor, 19 against and 21 abstentions.

Behind this result, real slap for the
main opponent of the president, Keiko Fujimori, daughter of
Alberto Fujimori, was playing a fight of influence within his
party, Fuerza Popular, main opposition party, with his brother

The vote broke out the divisions of Fuerza Popular as ten of
its representatives abstained, including Kenji Fujimori.

Rumors of negotiations between the government and relatives
of the former strongman of Peru on a possible presidential
pardon have circulated insistently in recent days.

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