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The German Social Democrats, willing to “talk” to get out of the crisis

Ⓒ AFP – Odd Andersen – | Martin Schulz (right) arrives at the German presidential palace to talk about the negotiations on the formation of government, on Thursday, November 23 in Berlin

The leadership of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) affirmed this Friday morning to be open to talks to try to get the country out of the current political crisis, abandoning its opposition to the idea of ​​an alliance with the conservative Angela Merkel.

“The SPD is convinced that we have to talk, the SPD will not close to the discussion,” its secretary-general, Hubertus Heil, declared at dawn after eight hours of meeting of its main leaders under the aegis of its president, Martin Schulz.

So far, Schulz had categorically rejected the idea of ​​prolonging the current coalition between his party and the conservatives of Merkel after the September legislative elections, marked by the defeat of the SPD, despite the country’s difficulties in forming a new government. Until now, it had been favorable to the option of new elections.

But the pressure grows within his movement to change course, especially since German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, also a Social Democrat, said he wanted to avoid a new election and called on all parties to show openness. Steinmeier met on Thursday with Schulz to discuss this issue.

“The SPD can not behave like a cranky child in its corner,” said one of the party’s heavyweights on Thursday night, current Justice Minister Heiko Maas.

Other SPD voices spoke in favor of supporting a minority government led by conservatives, an option that Merkel has refused to carry out, as the German Constitution allows, so as not to have to “look for a majority for each decision”.

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