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Mireille Mathieu: “I am 100% Made in France”

Ⓒ AFP – ERIC FEFERBERG – | French singer Mireille Mathieu, November 21, 2017 in Paris

“I am + 100% Made in France +!”: Mireille Mathieu, who shares with Brigitte Bardot the title of official Marianne since 1978, is draped again national colors on the album “Made in France”, to appear Friday, in which she takes again classics of the French song.

“I’m French and proud to be France is a great country, very much loved abroad I hope that all French people know it With this record, I want to pay homage to France and make her loved always more “, entrusts the patriot AFP Mireille Mathieu.

Only to share with Charles Aznavour the title of ambassador of the French song, the “Demoiselle d’Avignon” who celebrated her fifty years of career two years ago, is always happy to represent her country: “I am very blue-white-red! I never forget that I first represent France when I sing abroad! ”

“France has always had great assets: our industries, our cheeses, our haute couture, all our know-how … We have so many extraordinary things! I pay attention to my purchases: I try as much as I can buy French and I favor small producers, “says Mireille Mathieu.

The singer also says “regret” the Russian food embargo imposed on Western countries and extended until the end of 2018 by Vladimir Putin. And even claims to have expressed regret to the entourage of the Russian president, one of his big fans.

“A Man and a Woman”, the title track of Claude Lelouch’s film, “La Mer” by Charles Trénet, “The Umbrellas of Cherbourg” and Edith Piaf’s greatest hits: Mireille Mathieu has brought together the greatest successes French, picking also in his own repertoire.

– Tricolor postcard –

She also delivers a rare feminine version of “Comme d’habitude”, Claude François’s tube, which was re-released by Paul Anka and Frank Sinatra.

“It’s one of the most beautiful French songs written by a man, the lyrics also apply perfectly to a woman,” says the singer who remembers having interpreted the title once on television in 1973, in duet with Claude François.

Ⓒ AFP – ERIC FEFERBERG – | French singer Mireille Mathieu, November 21, 2017 in Paris

Stamped with national colors on the edge of the album, “Made in France”, which appears 52 years almost to the day after the tele-hook “The Game of Chance” which has revealed, includes 40 titles including a dozen unpublished.

To complete this tricolor postcard, the interpreter of “Paris angry” repeats several titles featuring great French characters, including Molière, Charles de Gaulle and Marcel Pagnol.

“La Marseillaise”, of which she was often the official interpreter, does not figure in the program. “I sing it in front of my TV when France wins a match, or when I arrive in the studio to warm my voice,” she says, “very happy” that France was chosen to organize the Rugby World Cup in 2023 and the Olympics of 2024.

“Music does not know the boundaries Oh, if only politicians could express themselves by singing I dream that they are singing a day + Peace be on the world … +”, says Mireille Mathieu, intoning at once a capella her great success in the suite of Bristol where she receives the AFP.

Next year, Mireille Mathieu will release a studio album with great classical music tunes that she has recorded with the Prague Symphonic Ensemble. The mastering will take place in a few weeks at the legendary London studios of Abbey Road.

No return on stage scheduled for the moment in France, but a series of concerts in Germany, Eastern Europe and Russia, including Moscow, at the Kremlin Theater in March.

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