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American criminal and psychopathic guru Charles Manson dies at 83

Ⓒ UPI/AFP/Archivos – Handout – | The American psychopathic guru Charles Manson, without a beard and with his head shaved in 1971, in Los Angeles, when he was sentenced to death

Charles Manson, the psychopathic guru who organized a series of homicides in the United States, died at age 83, local media and prison administration officials in California reported Sunday night.

Manson led in the late 60s a cult responsible for a wave of savage killings in the distinguished neighborhoods of Los Angeles, including that of the actress Sharon Tate, then wife of director Roman Polanski, when she was eight and a half months pregnant.

These crimes unleashed panic in the city and shocked the world. The guru of the “Manson family”, his sect, was sentenced to death in 1971, a sentence that was later commuted to life imprisonment.

Debra Tate, Sharon’s sister, told the celebrity information website TMZ that she had received a call from the people in charge of the prison where she was being detained, announcing that Charles Manson, who had been ill for some time, had died on Sunday night. .

The death of the psychopath, one of the most famous criminals in the United States, was later confirmed by a penitentiary source.

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