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Rennes: Pond remains vague on Gourcuff and the objectives

Ⓒ AFP – Thomas BREGARDIS – | The new president of Rennes Olivier Létang, November 7, 2017 at Roazhon Park

The new strongman of Stade Rennais, Olivier Létang, admitted Tuesday that he had “no magic recipe” to advance the Stade Rennais, refusing to speak about the future of coach Christian Gourcuff.

This is a “case that I will not discuss today because I have not met him yet (…) I must have an exchange with him in the late afternoon and therefore do not wish to express myself now “.

Olivier Létang cut short the first question of the journalists on the topic Gourcuff, during a press point organized a few minutes after the board of directors which made official his arrival as president delegate and general manager of the club.

However, a collaboration between the two men remains highly unlikely, Christian Gourcuff having posted very clearly his distrust towards his new leader even before his appointment.

Mr Létang however denied having made contact with Laurent Blanc, whom he knew at PSG, to take this post.

He also considered it “premature” to talk about the possible appointment of a sports director within the club.

Sylvain Armand, who recently retired in Rennes and Mr. Létang spent a year at Paris SG, is expected to take the lead in recruiting Rennes.

On the other side, Mr. Letang remained just as evasive.

“Today, I am not here to give you the miracle recipe and say how we will change things,” he said. “Given the performances of the last seasons do not count on me to promise things unrealizable”.

– ‘Period of trouble and confusion’ –

“All of Stade Rennais’ presidents and coaches have, without exception, fought for the success of the SRFC, but after 116 years, at the sight of our trophy room, we have to admit that the alchemy of the win is complicated, “confirmed Jacques Delanoe, inducted non-executive chairman of the club on Tuesday morning.

With the arrival of Olivier Létang, it is “a new generation that will take power within the club and bring him a level of demand well in phase with football today and tomorrow”, has he argued.

Friend of childhood Francois-Henri Pinault, the owner of the club, Mr. Delanoe will be the local guarantee of the club.

“No offense to those who fantasized about (a sale to) Chinese Stade Rennais remain well breton,” he assured.

Olivier Létang’s upcoming arrival at Stade Rennais was revealed three weeks ago by the press.

This “bothered me and was probably hard for people to live on internally, because there was doubt, instability. (…) I would have done well this time of trouble and confusion, “he said.

Now that he is at the helm, “the idea is to put (network) and (the) address book” he built during his five years at the PSG in the service of Rennes.

However, do not expect a significant activity in the winter transfer window.

“We can correct a little this number but we can already achieve very interesting things with this workforce,” he said.

“The Stade Rennais will not buy players tomorrow to EUR 30 million,” he also warned, while hoping that the club will focus in the future on “the recruitment of young players in post-training , from 18-19-20-21 years old “.

“For that it will be necessary, in terms of recruitment, to have a very powerful organization” which will undoubtedly be one of its immediate priorities.

After a difficult start to the season, Rennes remains on four consecutive victories in all competitions, and points to the 10th place of L1.

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