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Atlético de Madrid has not just started

Ⓒ AFP – Javier Soriano – | Atlético de Madrid’s French striker, Antoine Griezmann, regrets an unsuccessful goal against Qarabag, a modest team in the Champions League, on October 31, 2017 at the Wanda Metropolitan Stadium in Madrid

Atlético de Madrid are one step away from the elimination in the Champions League after their home draw on Tuesday against modest Qarabag, in a new start for a rojiblanco team that has not just started this season.

“Fate is not playing a game with the goal, we will have to continue working to win the game,” said Atletico coach Diego Simeone on Tuesday after the 1-1 at the Metropolitan.

On Tuesday, the rojiblancos topped up 35 times to goal to achieve a single goal, a tendency extrapolated to the league, where he lives one of his worst starts of the season in terms of goals.

In ten matches, the Simeone have scored 15 goals, far from the 26 he had in the same games last season or 22 of the 2012/2013 campaign, the first complete under the orders of ‘Cholo’, after taking over equipment the previous year.

“Atletico has a hard time scoring, it’s been too long for the Atletico team not to fear the rival defenses, who live relatively comfortable,” Marca newspaper said Thursday.

The French star of the Antoine Griezmann team is going through a special dark moment with only three goals since the start of the season counting Champions League and Spanish championship against the eight he had last season.

The French gunner has six unmarked matches, but his squires are not working either, since “Gameiro, Torres, Vietto … none of them happen today for being a ‘killer'”, according to Marca.

– Less pressure –

“We are having many chances to kill the games, we used to do it and now we do not do it,” Atlético captain Gabriel Fernández ‘Gabi’ recalled on Tuesday.

“The problem of the Athletic one is that few players are offering a version in agreement with they must and they can show”, considers the newspaper AS.

The rojiblanco team, affected by the FIFA sanction, could not strengthen this summer and counts the days to be able to integrate Diego Costa and Víctor Machín ‘Vitolo’ into their ranks in January, despite Simeone insisting on Friday that “I live in the present , in football you always look at what you do today “.

“This Atlético has many more problems” than the lack of goal, says the newspaper AS, for which “the main one is that he does not know what he plays, he has no signs of identity”.

Before the Qarabag lived moments of real bewilderment, turned into a bundle of nerves without order or strategy, and no longer has the intensity in the pressure that scared the rivals.

“I think we felt less pressure from Atlético, before it was a team that drowned you and did not let you go and today, it’s true, I have not seen what I had seen before,” said Miguel Marcos ‘Míchel’ on Wednesday. in the Qarabag.

– Defensive weakness –

To the problems in attack joins the slump in its defensive regularity, the red and white wall is no longer so wall and suffers especially in the air centers to the area – the Qarabag goal came in a corner kick.

In recent years, if Atletico managed to get ahead on the scoreboard, it was practically a victory, but this season, despite getting ahead on the scoreboard, failed to pass the draw against Villarreal and Barcelona in the league, and fell to Chelsea in ‘ Champions’.

“We have to keep working, we have to improve, I am the first person responsible for what the team generates and we are going to try to win this pulse to the fate that is not being favorable”, insisted Simeone on Tuesday.

Fourth in the Spanish League, Atlético visit Deportivo de La Coruña on Saturday to try to straighten the course, before playing their last letters in the Champions League against Rome and Chelsea.

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