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German knife attacks: alleged perpetrator arrested

Ⓒ AFP – Andreas Gebert – | Police near the site where a man stabbed eight people on 21 October 2017 in Munich, Germany

A man stabbed 8 people lightly Saturday in Munich, Germany, by randomly attacking them in the street before being arrested, the police said, ruling out any terrorist trail.

The alleged perpetrator, 33 years old and already known to the police for acts of violence and theft, seems to suffer from “mental disorders”, said at a press conference the director of the police of Munich, Hubertus Andrä, adding that any danger was now removed.

“There is no doubt that the person arrested” in the late morning, about three hours after the attacks, “is the author of the facts,” he added.

The man has remained silent before the police and his mobile remains unknown.

But in the current state of the investigation, the case seems to fall under common law. “Absolutely no evidence” argues in favor of a terrorist act, political or religious, insisted the police chief.

In total, the man wounded with his knife eight people randomly hit in the street and who present “slight injuries”: a child of 12 years, six men and a woman, said Andrä.

Six of the victims are of German nationality, another is Italian and the last Romanian.

They mostly suffered superficial cuts and one of them was hit, police said.

Described as corpulent, the suspect assaulted his victims in six separate locations in an area east of downtown Munich. He then cycled, carrying a backpack with an insulating floor mat for camping.

Ⓒ AFP – Christof STACHE – | Police set up security perimeter, 21 October 2017 in Munich

Spotted finally after a police operation of great magnitude by the police a few kilometers from the scene of the attacks, he first tried to flee, before being challenged without opposition.

The attacks occurred around 0630 GMT in the vicinity of Rosenheimer Platz.

For a few hours, before the arrest, a panic started to blow in Munich and the police called the inhabitants to stay at home.

The capital of Bavaria, in the south of the country, was the theater in July 2016 of a slaughter caused by an imbalanced German-Iranian teenager who had killed nine people in a shopping center before committing suicide.

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