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Merah trial: a second policeman believes that Mohamed Merah acted alone

Ⓒ AFP – Benoit PEYRUCQ – | Sketch of Hearing Abdelkader Merah at the Assizes Court of Paris on October 2, 2017

A police officer in turn evacuated on Thursday the hypothesis of a participation of Abdelkader Merah in the preparation and execution of the seven assassinations committed by his brother Mohamed, on the fourth day of a trial in a heavy atmosphere, a lawyer of the defense having denounced death threats against its children.

The court first listened to the long, anonymous testimony of a police officer of the anti-terrorist subdepartment on the main accused, who was tried for “complicity” in the assassination of three jihad soldiers, three children and a Jewish teacher. Toulouse and Montauban committed by his brother in March 2012 in Toulouse and Montauban.

“On the execution of the action, we have no complicity, we have not identified any author other than Mohamed Merah,” said the police officer at the helm. “So for you, the facts were committed by Mohamed Merah alone?” Insisted President Franck Zientara.

“For the physical realization, exactly”, confirmed the police officer while specifying that it did not exclude “other aids for the realization of these facts”.

A police superintendent had aroused stirrings by developing almost the same thesis and describing the shooter as a “lone wolf”.

“We have sought without prejudice the existence of complicities on three aspects,” explained the official on Thursday.

“Has Mohamed Merah received physical assistance for the identification, preparation of the action and the demand for action?” To this question the police replied no, while specifying that two other aspects of a possible complicity will be approached later by other police officers.

Ⓒ AFP/Archives – Eric FEFERBERG – | The Assize Court of Paris before the opening of the trial of Abdelkader Merah, October 2, 2017

Namely: “How has Mohamed Merah, a small town delinquent, turned into a terrorist and has this transformation been under the influence of a third party?” and: “Has Mohamed Merah received material assistance and financial support?”

It is precisely on these grounds that the prosecution decided to refer Abdelkader Merah, who had been accused of having favored the radicalization of his brother and, knowingly, participated in the theft of the scooter used to commit assassinations.

The second defendant, Fettah Malki, 34, is accused of providing Mohamed Merah with material aid, namely a bulletproof vest, a machine gun and ammunition used by the killer.

– ‘death threats’ –

Ⓒ AFP/Archives – Martin BUREAU – | Me Eric Dupond-Moretti, October 2, 2017 in Paris

Although the client’s testimony was rather favorable to his client, he was criticized by Abdelkader Merah’s lawyer, Eric Dupond-Moretti, who pointed out to the witness that he was reading a report on investigative acts to which he had not taken part, thus depriving the defense of the possibility of exercising adversarial jurisdiction.

“And if Abdelkader Merah did not tell you that he was with his brother during the scooter theft, would you have known?” He asked. “We would not have known,” agreed the policeman.

Turning to the Islamist documentation found at his client’s home, the lawyer asked: “Is it activism or curiosity? It’s quite normal for a radical Islamist to read radical literature,” he said. judge.

As for the client’s statement that he was “proud” of his brother’s actions, the lawyer considered that Abdelkader had “responded by provocation to provocations by the police”.

Ⓒ AFP – vb/pp, vl/nip – | The case of Mohamed Merah

Before the police officer’s testimony, the tenor of the bar had surprised the Assize Court by announcing that he had received an anonymous letter threatening his children with death threats.

It says: “Dupond-Moretti, you will eat if Merah goes out. Your children are going to have the same thing as the children of the school Ozar Hatorah (the Jewish school where the children were killed in Toulouse, note) , a ball in the head”.

“I know better than anyone the fact that the lawyer is regarded as the one he defends, but it is my honor to defend Abdelkader Merah,” said the lawyer adding: “I do not defend a cause but a man “.

Earlier in the morning, it was a forensic pathologist, solicited by the civil party, who had ignited the debates by expressing, against all usages, a personal feeling about the autopsy of one of the murdered children.

“For me, murdering a child means killing innocence, trusting in the world of adults, killing the future, that of a better world is unpardonable,” he said. -he says. The defense of Merah then denounced “the dramaturgy” of the civil party.

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