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Catholic education under contract demands “fairness” with the public

Ⓒ AFP/Archives – FRED TANNEAU – | Catholic education under contract with school 18% of pupils

Catholic private education under contract, which educates about 18% of pupils in France, tapped a fist on Tuesday, calling for “equity” in order to be “adequately considered for the services that ) makes “.

The Catholic school “does not claim any preferential treatment” but wishes to be treated, in terms of the budget in particular, in a manner consistent with the provisions of the Debré Act of 1959 (which governs relations between the State and private schools under contract), said Pascal Balmand, head of the General Secretariat of Catholic Education (SGEC), at his return conference.

For example, he said he was “preoccupied” by the record of the fees paid by local authorities to Catholic schools, which must be equivalent to the money paid to public schools but which he believes are not. For agricultural colleges, for example, the SGEC finds a difference of 39% between the public and the private sector.

Pascal Balmand also wants the State to intervene to reduce the difference in remuneration between deputy teachers in the private and public, which can reach “from 400 to 600 euros per month” for a net salary of 1,100 euros. The salaries of private contract teachers are paid by the State.

He also asked the prefects to “take a fair view” of the demands made for the maintenance of assisted jobs. Catholic education counts 10,000, of which 6,000 for the accompaniment of children with disabilities, which are, as in the public, preserved. But he worries about the remaining 4,000, while “the lobbying of this or that pressure group seems to make it possible to preserve certain jobs helped here and there”.

Another source of grumbling: the SGEC was not invited to the ongoing negotiations on the modalities of entry into higher education, organized by the Ministry of Higher Education with most players in the educational world. A letter sent by Mr. Balmand to Minister Frédérique Vidal on 21 September remained unanswered, he said.

Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer pleads “in favor of the school of trust, but there is no trust without dialogue,” said the secretary-general. He denied having less good relations with this government than with the previous one: “These files are not new (…) but by not being heard, we carry them in a less gentle way.”

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