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The assailant of Marseille holding a Tunisian passport

Ⓒ AFP – Paul-Louis LEGER – | Police neutralize an assailant near the Saint-Charles station in Marseille on 1 October 2017

The assailant who killed two people in the forecourt of the Saint-Charles station in Marseille was holding a Tunisian passport and investigators are investigating to confirm his identity, the Paris prosecutor said Monday.

Known under seven identities of police services for common law facts, the man was arrested Friday in Lyon for shoplifting. As part of his custody, “he presented a Tunisian passport issued on November 18, 2014 in the name of Ahmed H., born on November 9, 1987 in Bizerte, Tunisia,” said the prosecutor François Molins during a press conference. Investigations are “under way to ensure the authenticity” of the passport, which he did not have on him at the time of the attack in Marseille.

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