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Guérin (Bleus) to AFP: France-Bulgaria in 1993, “a generation thrown in the trash”

Ⓒ AFP/Archives – VINCENT AMALVY – | Vincent Guérin in the fight with Bulgarian Luboslav Penev in the World Cup 2014 play-off match at Parc des Princes, 17 November 1993

“We’ve been a generation thrown into the garbage,” said former international Vincent Guérin about the famous France-Bulgaria (1-2) of 1993, warning the Blues of Didier Deschamps facing ” sufficiency “and” lack of determination “.

Bulgaria had denied the Blues of the World Cup-1994. Guerin was there.

Q: What are the pitfalls to avoid for the Blues in Bulgaria?

A: “The sufficiency, the lack of determination, is what has been highlighted against Luxembourg (0-0).” They did not go beyond the minimum. the international level, they have the capacity, the talent, the potential, but also aggressive, defensive and offensive.

Q: Did France-Luxembourg remind you of France-Israel from 1993 (2-3)?

A: “No, because we can not compare different times, there are two matches, the Blues have their destiny in their hands, and in the worst case they will have to go through another springboard with the dams.”

Q: Do you think Didier Deschamps will use the France-Bulgaria spring of 1993 to mobilize his players?

A: “No, because it’s another generation, it’s a different era, it has a lot of springs in its hands. easier and cooler to use. “Most players will have participated in this match, so it will be fairly simple to energize the group.”

Q: What do you remember from the France-Bulgaria match, where you entered for the last ten minutes?

A: “It was very tense, it was very strong on the emotional level, we knew the stakes were terribly important for everybody because there was a World Cup at the end, it is worse than all: when one plays, one can evacuate the internal tension by the energy expenditure, but as a substitute, one completely undergoes the event instead of living it, it is even more confusing, there is When you enter this type of event, you have to give everything and try to bring your stone to the building, you have to keep the ball and keep the result. so little time, try to kill time and keep the ball “.

Q: What memory do you keep of the fatal action bringing Kostadinov’s goal?

A: “I gave the ball to David (Ginola). No one wanted to go to the ball, I played the free kick by putting the handbrake at two by the hour, to save time , but I did not expect to be able to get a yellow card, but David did not ask me for the ball and he has his head in the lawn , with the idea of ​​provoking and giving the ball to Cantona to score. Afterwards, I make a sprint of 70 meters on the return “.

Q: What is the tone in the locker room?

A: “There is no tone, no sound, no more noise, it is desolation, a hurricane has passed before life resumes, it is a very brutal feeling.”

Q: What did you think of the comments of coach Gérard Houllier afterwards accusing David Ginola of having committed a “crime against the team”?

A: “It’s ancient history, it’s past, it’s like that. We’re going to close the book.”

Q: What is the feeling about this episode?

A: “It’s a mess, because we had an exceptional generation. Between 1990 and 2000 we may have had the best generation of French football, when we see that the number of French teams that went last quarter of the European cups, certainly in different formats … We were semi-finalists of the Euro-1996, then there was the 1998 World Cup and the Euro-2000. France, with the Cantona, Roche, Angloma, Blanc, Sauzée, Silvestre, me … We were a generation thrown in the trash. And when we see the route of Bulgaria to Mondial-1994, semi-finalist, there’s something to regret. It’s a shame, it’s a mess. ”

Interview by Yann BERNAL

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