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The association Les Patriotes becomes “a political formation”

Ⓒ AFP/Archives – PATRICK KOVARIK – | Florian Philippot, February 19, 2016 in Taverny in the Paris region

Florian Philippot, former vice-president of the FN, who left the party against a background of disagreement with Marine Le Pen regarding his association Les Patriotes, announced on Friday that it was becoming “a political formation.”

“This is a political formation now Les Patriotes,” said the former No. 2 FN on LCI. “Legally a party, but it is not a party because we do not want to do just like traditional parties, very hierarchical, where everything starts from above,” he said.

“This political party must be a rallying point for the Patriots. We put France first, we are not sectarian, so the Patriots will also be able to join a political party or a union next door, “he said.

The announcement comes a little over a week after Philippot’s departure from the National Front, in conflict with several party officials, including Marine Le Pen, for refusing to leave the presidency of his association “Les Patriotes”.

“I have always said: + I continue my political commitment,” he said, refuting the idea of ​​having created the new political movement at the top of the list: “A week ago I would not have imagined that, “he pleaded.

Announcing a “tour de France”, the president of the Patriotes said he wanted to rely on “local initiatives (to) renew and win French patriotism.”

He also said he wanted to bring together “the best of the right and left, because we are not sectarian (…), to get to power”.

Asked about his departure from the FN, he deemed his former party “in loss of benchmarks, (and) in loss of competence elsewhere also today”, but assured not to be “there to overwhelm Marine Le Pen”.

“Many French people think that we will not be able to do this with this tool, and that something more modern and wider is needed,” he added.

Mr Philippot claims 3,000 members for his movement, created mid-May, shortly after the defeat of Marine Le Pen in the second round of the presidential election.

“The challenge is not to add the shops,” reacted Nicolas Dupont-Aignan on Radio Classique. “If it allows some to meet, it is their choice, I have only one objective (…) is to speak to the French,” added the president of Standing France who calls gathering of “all the lovers of France”.

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