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Saudi Arabia to allow women to drive

Ⓒ dpa/AFP/Archives – Peter Steffen – | Saudi women are allowed to drive, according to a royal decree

The Saudi women will be allowed to drive, according to a royal decree published Tuesday night by the official press agency SPA.

King Salmane ordered “to allow the granting of a driver’s license to women in Saudi Arabia”, said the text.

This ultraconservative kingdom of the Gulf is the only country in the world where women had until now no right to drive.

They are also subject to the guardianship of a man from their family – usually the father, husband or brother – to study or travel.

But within the framework of its ambitious plan for economic and social reforms in 2030, Ryad seems to ease some of these restrictions and prudently tries to promote forms of entertainment despite the opposition of ultra-conservatives.

On Saturday, hundreds of Saudi women took place for the first time in a stadium in Ryad, on the occasion of the national holiday which gave rise to concerts and fireworks.

Until then, women were not admitted to stadiums under the rule of separation between the sexes in public spaces.

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