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“Nazis out”: hundreds of Germans in the street against AfD

Ⓒ AFP – John MACDOUGALL – | Germans protest against the nationalist right-wing party AfD, which recorded a historic breakthrough in the parliamentary elections, on September 24, 2017 in Berlin

Hundreds of people demonstrated Sunday night in several cities in Germany to protest against the nationalist right-wing AfD party which has recorded a historic breakthrough for such a move in the German parliamentary elections.

Shortly after the announcement of the provisional results, spontaneous demonstrations in front of the Alternative headquarters for Germany (AfD) were organized in Cologne, where 400 people gathered in Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin.

In the German capital, an imposing police cordoned the gathering of just under a thousand demonstrators gathered in front of the hall rented by the AfD for its election evening in Alexanderplatz, right in the center of Berlin.

At the cries of “all Berlin hates the Nazis”, “Nazis out” or “racism is not an alternative”, the protesters, rather young, let their anger burst.

The Berlin police announced on Twitter two arrests following protests against the police.

“We will have to show that we do not accept that such a party sits in the Bundestag,” Mathias, a demonstrator told AFP.

With 13% of the vote, which gives him hope for nearly 90 deputies, this anti-elite, anti-Islam and anti-Europe party is imposed Sunday evening as the third political force of the country.

Born in 2013, the Alternative for Germany is already present in 13 of the 16 German regional parliaments and the European Parliament but the election of AfD members in the Bundestag is a turning point in German post-war history.

But, ostracized by all the other formations that qualify it as “shame for Germany”, the AfD has no chance of appearing in the next government, presumably led again by Angela Merkel.

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