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Le Pen, FN and Philippot face an uncertain future

Ⓒ AFP/Archives – JOEL SAGET – | Florian Philippot (g) and Marine Le Pen, on April 25, 2014 in Paris

In the aftermath of Florian Philippot’s departure, questions are mounting on the future of the National Front, led by Marine Le Pen, who is trying to regain control of the far-right party and its former lieutenant .

“Le Front + will recover”: since Thursday morning, Marine Le Pen and his relatives hammer that the flight of “Philippotie” will have no impact, citing the previous breaks or splits without much tomorrow that have affected the history of the far right party.

The line of the party, said Mrs. Le Pen Friday morning on RTL, will not move either, because the patroness of the party intends to “continue to carry” her path of “devolabilization”, even if she lost the main gate -voice, Mr. Philippot.

At a time when certain frontists want to seize the opportunity to have their party focus more on immigration or Islamism, the “marinists” have gone to the niche: “There is only one political line in the FN, it is that of Marine Le Pen “and” no place for the currents, “warned the new head of the communications division, Senator David Rachline.

Despite the “refounding” in which, according to Marine Le Pen itself, “all aspects of the life of our movement, organization, ideas, strategy, alliances” will be debated, the line of the FN ” does not change, “according to the other senator, Stéphane Ravier.

New appointments of departmental officials have also been decided. “Whichever one leaves, the device is locked” by “marinists”, triumphs a leader FN.

For Jérôme Fourquet, director of the Opinion department of Ifop, the departure of Mr. Philippot is still “not good news for the FN”. An “earthquake”, adds an interlocutor of Marine Le Pen.

– Cul-de-sac election –

More than a hemorrhage of militants, the party risks, according to M. Fourquet, a “real loss of profit on the intellectual and programmatic level” on which “there was a vacuum in the matter”.

Ⓒ AFP – Thomas SAINT-CRICQ, Laurence SAUBADU, Sabrina BLANCHARD – | The National Front vote in France

With Florian Philippot, conductor of “marinism” for years, there was an “intellectual thunderbolt”, assumed again the deputy of Pas-de-Calais: with Philippot, “we think same thing, we defend the same thing, we have the same sensibility “.

This explains why, for her, her former lieutenant “has no political space” outside the FN, especially since, she confided in a small committee, “the calendar is bad. there is no election “before the European 2019.

On RTL Friday morning, Florian Philippot assured not counting “crossing the desert”, evoking “thousands of testimonies of support, skills that join us,” “young” or elected, mainly regional, about twenty according to an AFP count.

In the morning, his troops created a group of elected representatives in the Greater East. Symbolic gain: the mayor of Brachay (Haute-Marne), commune of 55 inhabitants where Marine Le Pen makes his comeback since 2014, joined him.

But it is already far from the megretistic split of 1998-99, when the “felon” had embarked more than half of the cadres.

On the merits, Mr Philippot wants to “do something beautiful” with his association “Les Patriotes”: it will not be “merely an anti-immigration union”, as it would become a FN in full “megretisation” .

One of his close relations, the actor Franck de Lapersonne, has bluntly predicted that the FN would “die”, “good news for the Republic.”

For Jerome Fourquet, however, the “rule of intangible brass” is that “all those who leave the FN fail to bounce back”.

Autonomous, Florian Philippot has “vocation to end in a cul-de-sac electoral”. If he approaches Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, “he will no longer be in the lead roles,” said the political scientist.

On Thursday, the boss of Standing France, who wants a “political recomposition” of the right, met that of the “Patriots”. But the first, who had already lunched Wednesday with Marine Le Pen with whom he had allied himself during the second round of the presidential, does not want to “put oil on the fire” and “leave time to time”.

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