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Survey: 53% of French people believe that the policy of the executive benefits the more affluent

Ⓒ AFP/Archives – ludovic MARIN – | President Emmanuel Macron on the steps of the Elysée, September 15, 2017 in Paris

More than one in two French people (53%) believe that the economic policy of the executive benefits “the better off,” according to a poll conducted by Viavoice and released Monday by Libération.

To the question of who “the economic policy of the President of the Republic and the government aims to help as a priority”, 53% of the respondents replied, “the most affluent categories”, 12%, “the middle classes”, 11 % “popular categories”.

43% believe that the government’s economic policy is currently “right”, 31% think it “balanced between right and left” and 6% “left”.

Concerning the reform of the Labor Code, 68% of the respondents believe that “the reform will favor the dismissals” and 65% think it “will weaken the role of the trade unions”. For 60% of them, the reform will “increase the precariousness of employees”.

Respondents, at 55%, today judge labor law “not enough protective”. “A percentage up seven points in two years,” notes Libération.

Before an exciting social week, with two planned events, 34% of respondents said they “support” the next day of mobilization, on Thursday, at the call of the CGT, Solidaires and the FSU, but they are almost as much, 31 %, to say they are “opposed”. 25% say they do not care.

Regarding the gathering of France rebellious, organized in Paris two days later, Saturday, 30% of the respondents “support”, 30% “are opposed” and 30% “do not care.”

Finally, for 63% of the respondents, the trade unions “do not show themselves very united against the policy of the government”.

Survey conducted on September 12 and 13 with a sample of 1027 people representative of the French population aged 18 years and over.

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