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North Korea: Putin warns against “planetary catastrophe”

Ⓒ POOL/AFP – WU HONG – | Russian President Vladimir Putin on September 5, 2017 at the summit of the emerging powers of the Brics (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) in Xiamen, south-east China.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday he was opposed to new sanctions against Pyongyang, deeming them “useless and ineffective”, while warning that “engaging in military hysteria” around North Korea could “result in a planetary catastrophe “.

“Russia condemns these exercises” of North Korea, which claimed Sunday the successful test of a bomb H. “We believe that these are provocations, but the use of any sanctions in this case is useless and inefficient, “Putin said.

The head of the Kremlin spoke on the sidelines of a summit of the emerging powers of the Brics (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) in Xiamen, south-east China.

Following the sixth nuclear test in Pyongyang, the most powerful to date, the United States, together with its European and Japanese allies, announced on Monday to negotiate tough new UN sanctions against North Korea, but Beijing’s position and Moscow, endowed with a right of veto, remained uncertain.

The North Koreans “will not give up their (nuclear) program if they do not feel safe. We must therefore try to launch a dialogue between all the interested parties,” pleaded Vladimir Putin.

On the other hand, he criticized any possible military response, an option that Washington has not ruled out: “To engage in military hysteria has no meaning, it is a path that leads to a dead end,” insisted the head of the Kremlin.

“All this can lead to a global catastrophe and a large number of victims,” ​​he warned.

Putin seemed to be joining Beijing’s position of advocating a “peaceful resolution” of the North Korean crisis and resuming talks with the Kim Jong-Un regime.

In contrast, US President Donald Trump, who had promised last month in Pyongyang “fire and fury” if he continued his threats to Washington, ruled Sunday that now “any appeasement speech will not work” .

In response to Sunday’s nuclear test, South Korea launched land-based maneuvers on Monday, and the South Korean navy on Tuesday engaged in real-life maneuvers, which were supposed to deter Pyongyang from any provocation at sea.

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