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Domestic violence: “You never kill your wife for love” (psychologist)

Ⓒ AFP/Archives – DANIEL MIHAILESCU – | Women’s protests against domestic violence in Bucharest on 26 November 2011

“One never kills his wife out of love” but “to keep her,” said psychologist Ernestine Ronai, a member of the High Council for Equality and responsible for the Observatory of Violence against Women in Seine-Saint-Denis, calling to “speed up” in the accompaniment and protection of victims of violence.

QUESTION: 123 women were killed by their companion or ex in 2016, there were 122 in 2015, 148 in 2006. Why does this figure change little?

ANSWER: “We are making progress but still too slowly.” Protection measures, the “big danger” phone, the fact that the company is talking more about this subject, are positive points, but we must move on to higher gear. there are still too many children, men and many more women who die each year, and it is possible to save them, because there are means in the law, they have been created, they are severe. serve better and spread more. ”

Q: What are these means, what more could be done?

A: “If we want to succeed in reducing violence, we must first continue our efforts to better take into account women’s voices, both by social services and by institutions (gendarmerie, police, magistrates). Training and awareness are essential.

The phone ‘grave danger’ (entrusted to the women in danger and equipped with a key allowing to call directly the reliefs, ed.) Must also be implemented more. We are 500 in all of France, it’s an average of five per department … Where it has been distributed, it has proved its effectiveness.

The protection order must be more systematic, even when the woman has not filed a complaint. If women are to be encouraged to speak, it must be made credible that they can be protected before new violence is committed.

At the same time, we are working on a possible preservation of evidence in the Medico-Judicial Units, even if the person has not filed a complaint, and on the free care of victims in psycho-trauma. If women are well accompanied, well protected, they do not return to the aggressor and feminicide can be avoided. ”

Q: Does the word feminicide, which you use, must enter vocabulary and appear in French law?

A: “I’m in favor of it, it’s about homicide, infanticide, you have to be interested in the victims, you do not want to destroy their sex, or you can not search for the causes. to speak of societal facts.

One does not kill his wife out of love, never. We kill it because we can not bear to lose it, we want to keep its object. Life has no meaning for men if their wife leaves them. Many, moreover, committed suicide after the passage to the act. There is violence because there is an appropriation of woman by man. In history, women were always locked up, they were given chastity belts, infibulations were practiced … All this so that men could be certain that their descendants came from them. Secondly, it was a question of depriving them of knowledge, of financial independence, of the place in politics, of everything that makes them equal, in the end.

On the other hand, the figures show that women who kill do so because they can not. Of the 28 women who had been killed, 17 were victims of violence. This figure is interesting because it means that 60% of male victims were aggressors. ”

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