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Macron will break his radio silence, and made “off”

Ⓒ AFP – Daniel MIHAILESCU, DANIEL MIHAILESCU – | President Emmanuel Macron during a meeting with representatives of the French business community at the French Embassy in Bucharest on 24 August 2017

Emmanuel Macron, during his tour in Eastern Europe, explained in an “off” to some journalists that he had decided to renounce his rarefaction and intended to address the French once or twice a month, Be on the radio, according to journalists present.

Three months after his election, the Head of State will thus radically change his media strategy, which until now consisted of answering as little as possible questions from journalists, and prefer to publish statements on social networks.

During his travels, he refused to answer questions that did not relate directly to his visit, or to questions of internal politics during his travels abroad.

He also canceled the traditional TV interview on 14 July and has not held a press conference in France since his arrival, except during visits by foreign heads of state, where journalists are usually entitled to only one or Two questions per country.

By inviting three journalists aboard the presidential Falcon between Salzburg and Bucharest on Thursday, who were able to talk to him about an hour on a variety of subjects, he also broke with the rule hitherto hammered by the Elysium of never making “off” “.

In these informal conversations that his predecessors, especially Francois Hollande, liked, journalists invited can report the substance of what the interlocutor tells them but without directly quoting him or reveal that he has spoken to them. They must use formulas such as “according to their entourage”.

According to L’Obs, Le Monde and Ouest-France, the media chosen by the president, Emmanuel Macron is still wary of solemn press conferences at the Elysée, which he considers too formatted or too disconnected to develop an in-depth statement.

In addition to occasional interviews with the press and television stations, he would choose radio, as formerly US President Franklin Roosevelt or, in the mid-1950s, Pierre Mendès-France Had their regular chat by the fireside.

This formula and this medium of proximity have, in his mind, the advantage of reaching a wide and popular public, specifies L’Obs, without diminishing the presidential function.

Emmanuel Macron clearly feels the need to explain his action more, while his labor law reform worries and he sees his popularity rating sharply decline in the polls.

He gave proof Wednesday of a long time to defend his reforms in France, in full joint press conference with the heads of government of Austria, Czech and Slovakia devoted to the reform of the directive on work detached, the subject Of his journey.

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