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Hillary Clinton’s creeps over Donald Trump

Ⓒ AFP/Archives – Brendan Smialowski, MANDEL NGAN – | In “What happened”, to be released on September 12 in the United States, Hillary Clinton (g) tells of his failure in the US presidential campaign against Donald Trump (d)

Hillary Clinton returns to her failure of the 2016 US presidential election in a book to be published in September, in which she does not seem to hide her disgust for the man who beat her, Donald Trump.

Entitled “What Happened”, “What Happened” in French, the book will be released on September 12 in the United States. No French version has been announced at this stage.

The first good sheets were published Wednesday by MSNBC and confirm the desire of the former Democratic candidate to attack his ex-rival on his supposed sexism and the perceived unworthiness of his behavior.

It tells from the inside a famous scene of the campaign, which took place in front of 66 million viewers in Saint-Louis in October 2016, during the second presidential debate. The two candidates meet on a stage to answer questions in turn, standing with a microphone in their hands.

When Hillary Clinton speaks, Donald Trump gets up from her high chair and places himself behind her, first looking in another direction, then staring straight at her, a few meters behind, while the Democrat speaks.

“He followed me wherever I went, staring at me, wincing, incredibly embarrassing, literally blowing my back,” Hillary Clinton wrote. “I had goose bumps,” she continues, before describing the feelings that then run through her mind.

“What would you do in my place, would you be calm, smiling, as if he were not constantly bite on your space, or would you turn to look him in the eyes and say, loud and clear: I know you love to intimidate women, but you will not intimidate me, so back away, “she writes, using the English word” creep “, which the Americans use for these shady men Who follow the women in the street.

“I chose option A, I kept my cool, as I have done all my life in front of difficult men who tried to destabilize me, but I tightened the microphone even harder. Asked, however, if I should not have chosen Option B. This would have created a more memorable television moment. Maybe I too learned the lesson of staying calm, taking on myself, Fists while smiling, determined to show a face impassive to the world “.

“The fault of the Russians?” –

The book, announced in February by the publishing house Simon and Schuster, was originally presented as a series of stories about episodes of his life, but the theme apparently changed during writing to focus only on the campaign .

In May, Hillary Clinton announced a “confession” and a “request for absolution”, still bruised by defeat and appalled by the daily vision of the New York billionaire in the Oval Office.

“I absolutely assume my personal responsibility. The candidate was me,” she said.

In the excerpts published Wednesday, it recognizes to have disappointed the hopes of millions of people. “I have failed, and I will have to live with it all my life,” she writes.

But since the defeat, the Democrat has refrained from enumerating precisely the mistakes which would have been committed by herself.

She preferred to point the finger at the disinformation and hacking campaign attributed to Russia, stating in May: “The reason we lost is in the events of the last ten days” of the campaign.

According to her and many of her lieutenants, the internal messages published by WikiLeaks as well as the brief reopening by the director of the FBI of the investigation on his emails have tipped some of the undecided towards his opponent.

In June she even went so far as to insinuate that the Russians had coordinated with relatives of Donald Trump.

How far will she go in her work? Answer on September 12th.

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