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Death of the bullfighter Ivan Fandiño: politicians and mourners in mourning in Spain

Ⓒ AFP – IROZ GAIZKA – | The Spanish matador Ivan Fandiño is mortally corated on June 17, 2017 during a bullfight in Aire-sur-l’Adour (Landes)

The world of bullfighting, but also the Spanish royal family and many political leaders expressed their sadness on Sunday after the death of the Spanish matador Iván Fandiño, gorged during a bullfight in the southwest of France.

The 36-year-old Basque made Sunday the headlines of many dailies in Spain, where despite the development of an anti-taurin movement, the passion for bullfighting remains strong.

The Royal House paid tribute to this “great figure of bullfighting” on his Twitter account, as did the leader of the Conservative government Mariano Rajoy who regretted the “sad news” of his death, as well as the minister of The Culture Íñigo Méndez de Vigo.

“Dear Ivan,” Torerazo “, you will always be in my memory .. those afternoons of glory, that God welcomes you in his glory”, wrote in particular the bullfighter of Valencia Enrique Ponce. “Death has taken away a friend and in a way a part of our souls,” also wrote, in Spanish, the Frenchman Sebastien Castella.

The bullfight is still extremely popular in Spain, where some 394 bullfights were organized in 2015, according to the latest official data available.

But the animal associations opposed to this practice are also on the rise and the PACMA party, which opposes it, is steadily gaining ground.

The Constitutional Court in October canceled the ban on bullfights that have been in force for four years in the Catalan region and in the Canary Islands since 1991. The bullfight has been part of Spain’s “intangible cultural heritage” since 2015 Who invented it.

In mid-May, thousands of people demonstrated in the center of Madrid to loudly protest “the abolition of bullfighting”.

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