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Credit Lyonnais: Bernard Tapie sentenced definitively to reimburse 404 million euros

Ⓒ AFP/Archives – BORIS HORVAT – | French businessman Bernard Tapie, in Marseille, 15 November 2013

Bernard Tapie was definitively condemned to reimburse the € 404 million granted in 2008 by an arbitral tribunal to settle his dispute with Credit Lyonnais on the sale of Adidas, according to a decision rendered Thursday by the Court of Cassation.


In June 2016, the court had finally quashed the arbitration, considering it to be “fraudulent” because relations between Camp Tapie and one of the umpires had been concealed, which had skewed the award. This arbitration is also at the center of a criminal investigation for swindling in organized gang in which the prosecution has requested that six protagonists, including the former boss of Olympique de Marseille, be sent back to correctional.

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